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LUCK9 has already owned millions registered players and legitimate certificated license in the igmaing market, which prove our casino has a stong and solid backgound. The platform provides various games, complete 24/7 customer service, keep pursuing perfection to maintain the fairness of games. We adopt the encryption technology and strict security management system to ensure players’ fund safety. At the same time, we offer APP to serve mobile users and solve Android and IOS users who have issues of visiting websites. The stability reaches the best level in the industry, giving players the affimation and trust, so every players can have endless fun without any concern.


Slot is a game type that it is easy to handle, players only have to press the button and place the bets. Noly only the gameplay and the bonus calculation are also more various than physical slot machines, but the free games and rewards are highly diversified. It can be said that it is a game brings more entertaining to online casino players, making them enjoy the game more, especially the free games mechanism gives players opportunities to enter complete free games, which rises the entertainment pleasure to a higher level.
The high rebates and the diversification make slots become the mainstream of online casino gradually. Some slots have story plots in the game, which makes players be more immerse in the games. Players can feel games are always many thing happening constantly, such as animation effects appear, which make players experience lots of entertaining during the games.

Live Casino

Players can interact with other players during perfect live games, experiecing immersive interaction and the thrill of competing with other players. Players can bet on any devices and use the live-chat function to talk with dealers.
Game products of live games include baccarat, Sic Bo, the big battle, roulette, blackjack, RNG table games and unique live games, which redefine the online casino and bring unprecedented interactive e-experiences.
There are many advantages to choose to play at live casino instead of physical ones. The live casino have brought the real casino experiences to players, they can interact with other players from all over the world and dealers, which compares to other types of games that it can make you enjoy casino games more.


Bingo is a game that everyone is familiar with. Compared with other casino games, bingo has many features with high probability, fast pace and low minimum bet, which catch many players’ attention. However, player’s emotion should not be affected by the fast pace of bingo. If you want to win the game, first of all, you must be familair with the rules of bingo, and also know how to increase the probability of winning.
There are many kinds of bingo, which are all popular in whether the physical or online casino. Bingo is also called the simplest lottery, basically every players have been playing this game since kids, nearly everyone can learn how to play in a very short time, which is definitly the perfect choice for novice players. Bingo has several basic game play, like guess big or small, odd or even, tie, super number, 10 stars and etc., which has high odds and various game play that players can have premium entertainment experiences.


Most modern players only know a few type of poker such as Texas Hold’em, but looking back at history you will realize that there were already many kinds of poker in China and Persia in ancient times, and many game rules were made at that time too and passed down to now. Many game types appeared at that time, such as dark porker, Caribbean poker and straight poker.
Besides being fun and making money for players by playing poker, it is also a mind game, which is full of challenging and entertaining, that’s why it is popular with players. Online players can play poker at any devices, the pleasure, strategy and unpredictability also keep players addicted.

Fishing Games

Fishing is a video game originated in Japan, and then gradually became popular all over the world. In the beginning, the fishing game is just like fishing scoop that people usually see at the playground, and see who catches more fishes is the winner. Later, someone improve the gameplay by using “cannonballs” to attack the fish, Different fish and cannons correspond to different rewards, which make it more fun and exciting and has become more and more popualr as well.
Both fishing game and slots have the same concept, which is create the jackpot for the common players. The games will accumulate the bets (jackpot) constantly until it reaches the jackpot threshold, so you need to realize that when you win the prizes while playing the fishing game, the money is not from the system but other players.
However, no matter how great or powerful the system is, there will always be some loopholes, and players who can grasp these details are the best in the game. When the attack position is too close to your own cannon, some species of fish are near it are actullay moving really slowly. So you only need to adjust the attack angle and shoot them calmly,then you will find that the points will keep going up.

This is Why Luck9 is the Best Online Casino in the Philippines

LUCK9 is the most credible and high-quality online casino in the whole Philippines. Besides the fast, safe and stable deposit/withdrawl system, there are also constantly promotional acitivities to give back to our players. Moreover, our 24/7 professional customer service will solve your problems at any time, which make every players enjoy the most honorable and glorious gaming serivice and experiences.

LUCK9 has an engineering team from Silicon Valley in the Philippines that we have build a security protection network with the financial sector level, and all transactions are processed through the secure server, which 100% gurantee you the safety of the funds. In addition, we will never leak our clients’ information to any commercial establishment and keep close tabs on their privacy.

In addition to cooperating official Gcash, LUCK9 also offers multiple deposit methods such as PAYMAYA, GRAB PAY and UB BANK, which can all remit to your gaming accounts in real time, no need to wait for the transfer.

According to the data report of National online casino, the most popular games among players is slot. Not only the various gameplay and splendid game screens, but also the high rewards winning with small bets.

You should full the % bar and step to the next level first before you can claim the level upgrade reward.

Once you enter the game automatically your balance will transfer there, and if you want balance to return to the main wallet just click the game wallet and click transfer back.

After the member logs in, click “Deposit” on the member menu.

Select the you want to make a transaction, and the details will appear, click “Next”.

Enter the amount you need to deposit and transfer (note: Please make sure the imformation is as same as the order you get.)

After the transaction process is done, our system will automatically check whether the information you provided is correct, we will add the amount to your main account accordingly after verification.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult online customer service

Please log in to your member account first, click “Withdraw” to go to the next step, please enter the amount you want to withdraw. There are no fees for withdrawals

And please check whether the withdrawal limit is sufficient, insufficient usually means insufficient balance, or not updated to the main wallet, it usually takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to transfer to the main wallet account after the game is over

After withdrawing, you will be prompted whether the bet amount is sufficient. If it is insufficient, the withdrawal will be unsuccessful.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult online customer service